Bell MTS has always believed in supporting organizations that help make Manitoba a diverse and wonderful place to live, work, and play. After all, Manitoba is more than a market to Bell MTS – it is our home, and home to thousands of our employees and their families.

We proudly support Manitoba’s Indigenous community through a variety of grants, sponsorships, and donations. Some of the sponsorships, organizations and events we support are: 

  • Aboriginal Day Live
  • Adam Beach Film Institute
  • Art City
  • Excellence in Aboriginal Business Leadership Awards
  • Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre
  • Ma Mow We Tak Friendship Centre
  • Manito Ahbee Festival for All Nations
  • Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards
  • Motivate Canada
  • Rossbrook House
  • The Boldness Project
  • The Pas Action Centre
  • University of Winnipeg Masters in Development Program
  • West Broadway Youth Outreach
  • Wii Chiiwaakanak Learning Centre
  • Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival

For more than 10 years, Bell MTS employees and our families have brightened the holiday season for 200 Indigenous families in Winnipeg. Through a long stand-up partnership with Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Bell MTS donates all of the food supplies and volunteers to help purchase, sort, pack, and deliver holiday hampers.