1. Minimum Term: Unless otherwise indicated, all plans available with 12 or 24 month contract when purchasing subsidized hardware. Customers with customer-owned hardware are eligible for month-to-month contract terms.
  2. Availability and 4G Network: Service is subject to technical and network limitations. 4G Network available with an HSPA or LTE enabled device and SIM card. 4G LTE speeds only available with LTE enabled device. Network speeds vary depending on customer’s location and hardware.
  3. Expiry Dates: Offers are limited time offers and subject to change without notice.
  4. Standard contract applies: Bell MTS’s standard Terms and Conditions applicable to the related service apply. You must be 18 years old to enter an Bell MTS contract.
  5. Charges: Price of plan does not reflect Hardware Activation Fee or any usage above chosen plan. Airtime Minutes over and above your existing plan are charged at $0.50/minute. Canadian and U.S. Long Distance minutes over and above existing plan are charged at $0.50/minute. U.S. airtime roaming charged at $1.55/minute. Rates detailed in a particular Calling Plan are guaranteed by Bell MTS not to change for the term of the contract. All other rates are based on current rates applicable at time of billing and are subject to change with notice.
  6. Unlimited local calling: Unlimited local calling or unlimited local minutes apply to calls made in a Canadian local calling area to a local Canadian phone number.
  7. Unlimited Wi-Fi: The unlimited Wi-Fi that is included in customers’ rate plan offers access to landline based Wi-Fi hotspots and does not allow for unlimited access to On Device -Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots. To utilize Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots customers require a smartphone plan that offers Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (tethering) support.
  8. Text, Video and Picture Messaging: Access and charges may vary depending on hardware. Unless otherwise indicated, unlimited text messaging is available only in Canada and to wireless devices that have been activated with a Canadian carrier. The transport of picture and video messaging will use the data included in your smartphone plan. Messages sent using short codes may be subject to additional charges.
  9. Smartphone Data Plans: Unless otherwise indicated, additional Manitoba data over amount included in plan charged at $10/GB. Additional Canadian data over amount included in plan charged at $0.25/MB. Any data usage through tethering counts towards rate plan data levels.
  10. Mobile Web Service: Content portals and channels available on Mobile Web service for surfing are subject to change without notice. Access and charges may vary depending on hardware. For hardware capable of accessing Mobile Web service for surfing on the 1X network, access will be charged at $0.07/KB (maximum $50.00 monthly) and $0.015/KB in the U.S. (no monthly maximum). This charge will be in addition to per message sent or download charges for (but not limited to) Get Stuff, video downloads and picture/video messaging. No airtime or long distance charges apply to data transmission. For hardware capable of accessing Mobile Web service, unlimited access available at a flat monthly charge. Unless indicated otherwise, does not include wireless internet access gained by connecting your handset to your personal computer or laptop. Visit a Bell MTS Connect store for hardware details. Store Locator.
  11. Excessive Use: All plans are subject to our Fair Use Policy, which outlines our network management practices. Excessive use may include, without limitation, multimedia streaming, sending/accessing email, or using web, news, chart or similar services.
    Security: The security and confidentiality of content sent over wireless devices cannot be guaranteed. Use appropriate hardware and software security features to help ensure the security of data and minimize the chance of interception. Always use caution when communicating sensitive information.
  12. Trade-marks: Bell MTS word mark is a trade-mark of Bell Canada. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.